A community in Eppeldorf

The Eppelduerfer Jugend is active since 1964 and has been reestablished as a non-profit organisation in August 2015. Today the club represents an open community of young people from across Luxembourg. Regular meetings, activities and the organisation of traditional events like the Spaghettisfest, the Kierwerlecksbal or the Kiermes forge the members into a crazy bunch that you should absolutely get to know. Supporting this community in Eppeldorf and allowing more people to join are among the main goals of this association.

Board 2018

The board members work behind the scenes. They take responsibility and organise meetings, activities and events to support a community in Eppeldorf. Their work is essential to the existence of the club.

  • Fränz Friederes

    Fränz Friederes

  • Laura Lentz

    Laura Lentz

  • Anne-Catherine Friederes

    Anne-Catherine Friederes

  • Lisa Friederes

    Lisa Friederes

  • Victor Da Silva

    Victor Da Silva

  • Marc Friederes

    Marc Friederes

  • Mike Heintz

    Mike Heintz



Find here the current and former association statutes, forms (e.g. for joining) and an archive with past flyers and documents.

For rent

Outside of our events you can rent our equipment, e.g. our large tent or our industrial dishwasher. At the same time your money will support a good cause!

In the press

Eppeldorfer Dorfjugend – Revue, 7. Mäerz 1964
Eppeldorfer Dorfjugend – Revue, 7. Mäerz 1964

Are you interested in joining us?

You want to engage yourself, mature through the organisation of events and meet some new people? Where you live, your nationality, your gender nor your sexual orientation matter to us. You're always welcome.